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It is a great impact on modern automation system that more and more real-time Fieldbus technology,and centralized control equipment are replaced by distributed intelligent devices. Signal attenuation often occurs during long-distance data transmission, long distance transmission also causing signal interference. Distributed I/O system is a good solution for long distance communication. 
Thanks to modularized design and multiple communication protocols, Softlink iModule series remote I/O has great advantages, which is easy to use, smart and anti-interference.
iModule series Fieldbus I/O integrated communication ports, power module, I/O module all in one, compact design and space-saving. It is widely used in various applications for stable and high cost performance.



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Distributed Fieldbus I/O

■ Compact design, vibration resistance
■ Spring terminals,get reliable connection
■ Two layers terminals, saving wiring space
■ Support PNP and NPN inputs
■ Unique design of the internal power supply
■ Decimal button, flexible switching from 0-99 stations
■ Up to 32 channels for data communication

Fieldbus connectors
iMetal series of Fieldbus connectors offer an extensive range of connection modes and qualifications for fielbus components. The metal-shielded connectors have a strong immunity to high-frequency interference and guarantee a smooth communication in any harsh industrial environment. Self- diagnostic Fieldbus connectors have LED indicators to show status of the network and the Fieldbus connectors.

Fieldbus cable
Flame resistance, anti-oil, low smoke and halogen-free, multi-layer shielding, anti-electromagnetic interface